Exhibition Dates / June 24th -July 22nd, 2016
Opening Reception / Friday, June 24th, 5:00-9:00P

"I've been fascinated with drawing and painting people since I was very young. Mesmerized by the complexity of the human face, I initially started creating portraits with a somewhat photorealistic approach. In these works, I aimed to capture the vulnerable moment that occurs when making eye contact with someone you may or may not know. These large-scale, hyperrealistic portraits were made by "building up" a face with several layers of small circles, dots, and lines. I broke down each figure into tiny details and shapes that when viewed up close, were more reminiscent of a topographical map than flesh, blemishes, and hair. While creating these pieces, I discovered that my interest lied as much in the process as it did in the end product itself.
Influenced both by pop art and hyperrealism, I create works that focus on the construction and deconstruction of the figure. In addition to making pieces that appeared holistic and polished, I started creating work in which my subjects embraced their haziness and obscurity. By immersing the subject in his or her own ambiguity, I utilize my pieces to explore the losing and questioning of one's sense of self. I'm particularly interested in exploring the ways in which mental health influences and skews self-perception, and can shape and cloud our sense of reality. I deconstruct and restructure a person's image to parallel feelings of association and dissociation people have with their own physical form. The subjects in my work are both realistic yet obscured, and I use that to both expose and entrap them." -Claire Huber