Exhibition Dates / November 18-December 11, 2016
Opening Reception / Friday, November 18, 5:00-9:00P

Women’s emotions are rarely depicted as complex. Compartmentalized, we exist as men’s connection to natural, earthly pleasures, or wrapped up in our cosmetic beauty, fake and trivial.

Our photos tend to disrupt these classifications, while also playing into the substance of their reality.

“Nadja” explores how identities are performed, and the vulnerabilities they expose in the process.
Expressions of whimsy and joy manifested during the shoots
as much as fear and domination.

Two women are complex, intertwined,
speaking and playing.

It’s in these surreal spaces that our identities are both performed and realized,
with varying levels of exposure to our external reality.

I look into the moments Nadja creates with herself. !And I show them to you.